What is the Amazon Echo? Setup, Integration & Product Review

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amazon echo setup help

Amazon Echo is one of the smart-speaker devices for your smart home. It is the device which can connect to the internet via Wi-Fi. It can access the Amazon clouds of services. It works for the assistance that helps you to shop easily, know about sports news, weather, traffic info, etc. The echo is getting smarter day by day, it can control even your home devices. Likewise, you can order Alexa to switch on or off the lights or fans of your room.

These are the unbeatable speakers with the high quality of voice. It works with your voice. You need to ask Alexa what you want it, to do for you. You might think it off as Bluetooth speakers only but these are much more than that. It can connect to the internet Wi-Fi connection. It can play music for you, it can set and sound the alarm for you, buy products from Amazon, control your lights and fans integrated into your smart-home.

You can instruct the Amazon Echo by calling it “Alexa” followed by the order. Or there is an Action button on the top of Amazon Echo, press the button and speak your order. If the status ring turns blue, that means Echo has interpreted your order that you said and converts the order into action as per your instructions. There are more than 15000 Amazon skills which help in performing various smart functions.

Let’s go through the steps of setting up and integrating Amazon Echo: –

You might have purchased new Amazon Echo and searching for the ways to set up Amazon Echo for you. Then let’s get started with the setup process and follow the steps below: –

  • First of all, unboxed the Amazon Echo by removing its plastic sheet and then, we need to connect the power supply of the Amazon Echo.
  • Now, we need to install Amazon Alexa app on our smartphone to start using the Amazon Echo.
  • When you are ready with the Amazon Alexa app on your phone, connect your phone with the Amazon Echo’s Wi-Fi connection.
  • Now, launch the Alexa app, when your phone is connected with the Echo’s Wi-Fi, and choose to set up a new device in the Alexa app.
  • It may ask you to fill up the Amazon id and password.
  • Now, select your Wi-Fi connection and enter a password, if prompted.
  • Now, your device is ready to use and you can use it seamlessly.


Now let’s get to the review of the overall performance of the product: –

As the name says it all, Amazon Echo is an amazing speaker. You might be thinking that with all the other features of Amazon Echo, they might have forgotten about their basics. But you are absolutely wrong. The Amazon Echo is the best in class speaker with a fantastic voice and bass quality. But they can perform many other features too like setting up an alarm for you; check weather and news for you, request an Uber ride, order grocery from Amazon for you, and many more other tasks it can do for you. It is overall an amazing product to buy if you are planning to buy smart speakers for your home.