Introducing with Amazon Echo and Various Commands for Amazon Alexa Echo

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Introduce with Amazon Echo

Hey! You might be searching for the portable speakers and landed on this page. You might wonder the internet to know more about the Amazon Alexa Echo device. Before heading forward to the features of the product, let’s get to know in detail about what actually is Amazon Echo? The brief answer in these two words but let me explain to you, this is an ultimate hands-free Audio speaker developed by itself.

These smart speakers can operated by your voice. It can connect to any device with Bluetooth and it can also connect to Wi-Fi. These speakers can recognize your voice even in the noisy environment and it will follow your command. To start using this amazing device, you need to call it Alexa.

Who is Alexa? You might be curious to know about him. You might answer your question yourself that, this can be the name of the Amazon Echo device. Alexa coded as its wake word by As you call Alexa even in low pitch voice or noisy environment, the device will get ready to operate and follow your instructions at earliest.

We can perform various day to day tasks on this Alexa Echo device hassle-freely. We can instruct it to set alarm, play music from Amazon prime or Saavn app, etc. It can be connected to mobile phone or tablets to make phone calls. Control other home smart devices and check the weather and news, etc. This can perform almost half of the functions of a smartphone. Rather these speakers have a few modern features like connectivity to Amazon cloud.

Let’s count its features as: –

  • It has the inbuilt functionality to recognize your voice even in a noisy environment, you just need to call Alexa and it will follow your instructions.
  • It not only perform smartly, rather it performs its basic function very well too, i.e. it delivers crisp audio, ultimate bass, and fill the room with 360-degree i.e. in all the directions audio.
  • We can even call it for ordering food on Zomato and booking drive with Uber, just by saying, “Alexa order food from Zomato” or “Alexa Book a ride with Uber”.
  • We can order it for making a call to the friend in our friend list like “Alexa Call to George”.
  • You can control your plugs, lights and other devices which are from Syska, Philips, Oakter, TP-Link, etc.
  • The last but not the least is we can play music on multiple Echo devices at the same time.

Various commands for Amazon Alexa Echo:

Yes, you might want to know about the command which is being followed by Alexa Echo. These commands are as simple as we think it in our own mind to order someone. Let’s count a few of these commands: –

  • For calling to someone from your friend’s list say, “Alexa Call to Merissa”.
  • For listening to a song say, “Alexa play the latest song from Saavn”.
  • To know the time say, “Alexa what is the time”.
  • If you don’t know about setup calling with Alexa Echo, don’t you worry, just ask, “Alexa how do set up calling?” It will list you up with the points to follow to set up call on Alexa.

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