Amazon Echo Wi-Fi Troubleshooting Guide- Alexa Won’t Connect to Wi-Fi

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Amazon Echo Troubleshooting

One of the major problems that people face when setting up their Echo device is that their Echo would not connect to the Wi-Fi or have inconsistent connectivity that is if it was connected once, it would not remain connected to the Wi-Fi. But before finding out the Amazon echo troubleshooting solution to the problem first we have to find out the causes of the problem.

Causes for Wi-Fi connectivity issues

Although there can be a lot of different reasons that can cause problem with Wi-Fi connection but some of the most common ones are as follows:

  1. Network Congestions: It refers to the more than advised usage of the bandwidth of your network by unwanted devices. For example, if you are updating the Operating System of your Laptop, it will take a lot of your bandwidth resulting in Wi-Fi inconsistency for your Echo.
  2. Internet Speed: Wi-Fi is the single and most important prerequisite for your Echo to work and if you have a very slow internet connection then your Echo will definitely face problems with Wi-Fi connectivity.
  3. Hardware Fault: Sometimes a hardware impaired device could also cause connectivity issues and if your device is in warranty, then it is advisable to call Amazon and ask for a repair or replacement procedure.
  4. Setup Incompletion: Incomplete set up of your Echo device can also lead to many potential problems, Wi-Fi setup issue being one of them.

Amazon Echo Troubleshooting

Here are some basic Amazon Echo troubleshooting routines that are needed to be performed, if you issues doesn’t get resolved by these methods then we would move on to some advanced techniques.

  1. Update your Alexa App: Alexa App is another prerequisite for a smooth working for your device and if it is not up to date then it is a problem. So make sure that your App is of the latest version. Incomplete setup is also a prominent cause, therefore make sure that the setup is also completed.
  2. Restarting the Device: Restarting or rebooting is the most basic method we all use in case of any problem with almost any device and Echo is no different. But it is a temporary solution and the problem can come back again.
  3. Relocation: Sometimes the presence of other electronic devices near Echo can also cause connectivity issues, therefore try relocating your device and keep it near your Wi-Fi router. If possible keep both the Echo and your router in a higher spot at your home and away from Walls (At least 8 inches away).
  4. Check your Wi-Fi password: This is a very silly mistake that people make during their first time setup. Check that the password you are using is correct as some people get confused between case sensitivity and some numbers and letters or maybe you are using an older password instead of the new one.

If there are no hardware issues then these basic techniques might be able to help you get the desired results, however, if you are still facing problems then let us go through some advanced Amazon Echo troubleshooting steps:

  1. Reboot the router: If other devices are also having problem connecting to the Wi-Fi then it is your router’s fault and rebooting it might help. Don’t forget to reboot the Echo device along with the router, just plug out both the devices and later plug them back in and you are good to go.
  2. Tackling Network Congestion: To avoid unwanted usage of bandwidth disconnect some unused devices. Experts recommend connecting your Echo to 5 GHz network and reserving the 2.5 GHz one for other devices.
  3. Change Security Encryptions: If you have opted for WPA and WPA2 security for you router, then change it to WPA2- AES. Another thing that you can do is check your Firewall protection and make sure you have the 123,443,4070 UDP ports open.
  4. Check the Firmware: Even after trying all those methods you are still facing the Wi-Fi connectivity issue with your Echo then your Echo Firmware might require an update. So open your Alexa App, go to setting under menu and click on the About us option scroll to your current Echo Firmware. Check the latest firmware version and update your firmware.

The last option when it comes to any software related problem in any device is to Factory reset it, which basically means erasing all of the data and setting in your Alexa app and in terms of software, your device will become as if it came right from the factory to your doorstep. To reset your Amazon Echo the reset button has to be depressed for a few seconds using a small clip or pin, after doing so you will see the lights turning on and off. Now just register your Echo device to your Alexa App. Although this might work but remember by resetting the device you might not get the idea of the source of the problem and the problem may come back, if similar circumstances are created again.