Introduce with Amazon Alexa – A Revolutionary Devices

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Alexa Echo Help

Amazon Alexa Introduction

Amazon Alexa flagship is predicted as a revolutionary gadget in near-future & without any doubt. Amazon Echo is a steal deal to spend 100 bucks on this versatile device. It is finely audible even better than any other high-tech fully equipped Bluetooth speaker. It seems like a better version of a virtual assistant like Apple’s Siri not just limited to only one device and capable of doing much more wonderful things.


Goodies about it:
– Voice assists response.

– Nice ambient sound.

– Quick set-up & Wi-Fi/Bluetooth enabled.


– Not portable/no battery in basic versions.

– Doesn’t listen or understand on top playing volume.

– Integrating smart devices need improvement.



-Weight 2.35 approx

-Size 2 inch tweeter 9.25 x 3.27 x 3.27 inches & 2.5 inch woofer

-Bluetooth & Wi-Fi enabled

-Voice activated

-Compatible with smart homes


Amazon Alexa App:
Alexa is surprisingly loaded with lots of awesome features. However, collaborating them or integrate with other smart devices is another story. In this scenario, the center of control is Alexa app through it. You can manage all your integrations and all your echo content and features. After downloading it on your mobile device. It guides you through pairing process to complete your echo setup. It also guides you to integrate other smart home devices. So, make sure you don’t forget to download Amazon Alexa app on your Android or iOS devices.