Alexa App is Not Working Steps to Fix the Issue

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Alexa App is Not Working! Steps to Fix the Issue

It Is Not a Joke! As in the Commercial, Alexa Lost Her Voice

It’s been about a month since Amazon launched a commercial for the Super Bowl in which Alexa lost her voice and now it seems that what was a joke in that commercial is coming true: Alexa app is not working and responding to the voice commands of many users throughout the country.

When we tested at the Portland office, OR this morning our Alexa, the device worked fine. But one of our writers indicated that he had problems with his Echo Dot when asking if he needed an umbrella.

It is clear that not all users have experienced problems. And even though Amazon does not have a page reflecting Alexa’s status, the traditional Down Detector website suggests that users began to experience problems with their Echo speakers and other devices that use Alexa around 9: 30 am ET on March 2.

And the problems have not been presented in a single region of the country. Across the United States, there are reports that Alexa app is not working.

When trying to use Alexa, users report that it gives answers like “I’m not sure what’s happening”, “Sorry, your Echo Dot lost your connection” or “Sorry, something is not working well”. Later, the ring of lights of Alexa, that usually is of blue color when everything works well, turns red.

According to TechCrunch reports, users who have other speakers such as Sonos One, which comes with Alexa, are also having problems and do not respond to commands.

Likewise, the different reports across the country indicate that Alexa can still be given commands from the mobile application. In other words, what you cannot do is talk to Alexa.

Amazon has not commented on this, but a user spoke with Amazon customer service and indicates that they told him that the problem Alexa app stuck on setup would turn out to be a couple of hours.

How to Fix the Echo Dot Does Not Turn on or Respond?

Did you just buy an Amazon Echo? Here we explain how to configure it and fix issues!

Congratulations, you already have an Amazon Echo device! The next step is to start asking Alexa questions. The intelligent hands-free voice-controlled speaker that-believe us-can do much more than it seems. We explain below how to set up an Amazon Echo in a few simple steps.

Enabled with Alexa, the Echo can respond to voice commands and play your music, read your audiobooks, inform you of the weather, break down the news and much more. With seven built-in microphones, the Echo designed to listen to your voice commands no matter where in the room you are, even if there is background noise or music.

STEP 1: Download the Alexa Application

The free Alexa application is a must if you are the owner of an Amazon Echo. You will need it to configure your device. Download it to any smartphone or tablet with iOS 9.0 or higher, Android 5.0 or higher, or Fire OS 3.0 or higher. Simply open the app store that comes with your device and search for “Alexa app.” If you can DOWNLOAD THE ALEXA APP on a computer? Make sure you’re connecting to Wi-Fi, then go to the Amazon Alexa website to download it.

STEP 2: Connect the Echo

This is probably the easiest step in the entire configuration process since the Echo does not require batteries to operate. Simply plug the included power adapter directly into the Echo and plug it into a power outlet. When the ring of light turns blue, it means that the energy is connected. Then wait for it to turn orange, as this is a sign that Alexa is getting ready to greet you. When you have done this, you will hear Alexa’s voice telling you that she is ready for the configuration.

STEP 3: Connect the Echo to Wi-Fi through the Application

Next, you must connect your Echo device to the Wi-Fi network in your home. The latest versions of Echo should guide you through this process. However, if you get stuck with Amazon Alexa app white screen, simply open the Alexa application. Look for the available networks until you find yours. If you have multiple Echo devices, be sure to go to Alexa Devices in the menu and choose the correct device. Under the Wireless heading, you should be able to see the status of the Wi-Fi network connection.

Once you connected, you have the option to save your Wi-Fi password on Amazon. Which will make it easier to connect other smart home devices or configure a new Alexa device on the same network, in case you decide to buy more. Echos for other rooms. You also have the option to connect your Echo to a public network, although the password will not be saved in Amazon.

STEP 4: Begin to Speak With Alexa

To start, say the activation word, which by default is “Alexa”. But perhaps there is already a human Alexa in your house. You will want to change the activation word for another one. Just tell Echo, “Alexa, change the activation word”. You can also manually change the activation word by opening the Alexa application, touching help and comments, and selecting Change the activation word. Currently, you can change the echo to respond to “Eco”, “Amazon” and “Computer”. It is not known when Amazon will allow you to customize Alexa so you can call it “Mr. T, “Honey Bunny” or “Jelly McJerkface.”

STEP 5: Start Using Your Echo

Congratulations! Your Amazon Echo set up and ready to use in your everyday life. To make sure everything is working correctly, you can perform a simple test, testing some basic commands. For example, say the activation word and “Hello”. If your Echo configured correctly, Alexa should respond with a simple “Hello” in return.

But of course: The Echo can do much more than say hello. In the Alexa application menu, you will see two sections called Skills and games and Things to try. These are excellent ways of seeing what Alexa is capable of. The skills, in particular, can help you customize Alexa, giving you certain skills; Think of them as mini-applications of many different creators that you can use for your entertainment, organization, news and much more.

You can start using your Amazon Echo troubleshooting device with a list of tasks, find out the weather, check traffic conditions, call your friends, send text messages to your family, broadcast podcasts or connect smart home devices. Alexa has thousands of essential skills – and others not so essential – that you can also add. Check out here some of the most useful things that Amazon Echo can help you do.

STEP 6 (Optional): Connect Intelligent Home Devices or an External Horn

Go to your Alexa application menu and select Smart Home (Alexa can show you an ad right now, from which you can exit). In this mode, Alexa not responding but will try to find nearby and connected smart devices. So you can pair them. You can also choose Add device if Alexa has trouble locating the device you have in mind. You can also organize devices in Groups and create more complex schemes where several devices interact at the same time. See our publication on Routines for more information.

How to Fix Bluetooth Pairing Issue with Alexa?

The Amazon Echo can also play music, and the sound quality has improved with the second generation model. To ensure you get a first-class listening experience (when mixing with music or listening to audiobooks), you have the option of connecting an external speaker to your Echo device. For the best results, get yourself a Bluetooth speaker that is certified to be compatible with Echo devices. Keep in mind, though, that your Echo can only connect to one Bluetooth device at a time, so if there is already a unit connected to your Echo, you must de-sync them before you can connect any external speakers.

If all the above things not working for you then immediately contact us to get a legitimate solution on your problems. We will instantly help you to fix your Amazon Alexa problem.

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