Amazon Alexa Registration Error

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Amazon Alexa Registration Error- Opps! there is an Amazon Alexa registration failure. Why is this so? It’s a brand new device still facing this registration error. Are you going from this same situation? So now no longer you need to face this trouble. Alexa Echo Help the best technical support expert helps you to sort out this Amazon Alexa Registration Error. We are popular in the market because of our high customer satisfaction rate. We provide the best resolution in a low period of time.

The Amazon Alexa acts as an intermediate between the user and the echo device. It works as a virtual assistant. Amazon echo device along with Alexa is one of the best creation of the Amazon Company. Just with a simple voice command a user can play music, check the weather report, alarms, reminders, news and can perform many more tasks. But this all happen after the registration in Amazon Alexa. But sometimes the device stuck over the initial stage only of Amazon Alexa Registration Error. This condition makes more irritating and exhaust.

But not to worry now. Alexa Echo Help is always here to assist you and to bring you out of these kinds of problems. If you are facing any issue regarding the Amazon Alexa related you can contact us at our contact number +1 877-937-8077. Even you can drop us an email also at info@alexa-echo-help.com. We also provide assistance over there also. Our technical support associates are also available for you on live chat support. For live chat support just you need to visit our official website alexa-echo-help.com.

Amazon Alexa Registration Error

Reasons Behind the Amazon Alexa Registration Error

Many time the user encountered with an error stating ” Amazon Alexa Registration Error.” Or maybe you even got a message of “Alexa Error 10:2:12:3:1. This kind of errors is quite frustrating because as you have just made unboxing and excited to use the device. But in the beginning only got a message of registration error. It’s quite humiliating.

These kinds of errors mostly occur especially when –

  • Just before run and execute Amazon Alexa Setup Process.
  • Registering Amazon Alexa device which can be Echo, Echo Dot, Show, Echo Tap or Echo Look.

The Other Scenarios for Amazon Alexa Registration Failure

The above mentioned are the two most common reasons for the failure of the registration on Amazon Alexa. But somehow there are other five reasons also which might be the cause of Amazon Alexa Registration Error:

  1. Error in Alexa app after Echo Reset.
  2. Got Amazon Alexa Echo device as a gift.
  3. Error on Refurbished Amazon Echo Device.
  4. Might be bought can display this error when setting up.
  5. The device keeps on responding to registration error even when Alexa disconnects from Wifi.

Troubleshoot Error 10:2:12:3:1 – Gifted Alexa Echo devices

If any of your friend or a family member has gifted you the Amazon Alexa device. If so, this is the reason you can get this error on screen. When you purchase an Amazon Alexa device, it is assigned to Amazon account. If it is a gifted device, it is registered to your account. So, it is good to set up with the same email id. Hence you will not see the error anymore.

The solution for Delivered Gifted Alexa Echo Devices

If planning to gift Echo device, be sure to check the box ‘it’s a gift’ in Amazon cart. Forget to choose the checkbox ‘it’s a gift’ in any case, do it later. Simply update the ordered gift setting from your account.

Simply select “It’s a gift” option under Account > Orders > Select Product > Product Detail Page.

If a device is delivered and you forgot to check the option ‘it’s a gift’ in Amazon cart, you just have to deregister the device from your Amazon account. This could be the part of Amazon Alexa Registration Error which we can resolve for you.

Registration Error on Branded New Amazon Alexa device

Firstly, be sure that it is not a gift from a relative or friend. If the device is still getting 10:2:12:3:1 error, here’s the method to resolve this issue:

  • Use same email ID for registration and Alexa Echo device setup, which used once when buying from official Amazon site.
  • Follow the basic troubleshooting steps, such as Echo device hard reset, Modern Restart, and fresh install Alexa app.
  • Sometimes, Amazon server under maintenance or goes down and it may cause this error mistakenly. So, try after some time registering for Alexa Echo device.

Possible Other Facts of Error 10:2:12:3:1

  • Amazon server displays Echo device as undelivered
  • Amazon server feels that you have lost or stolen Echo device
  • When you get a defective device

Contact us for Amazon Alexa Registration Error Support

So for any other technical Support, you can contact us at +1 877-937-8077. We are available 24*7 to provide you with the better resolution. Alexa Echo Help is happy to assist you always and provide you with Amazon Alexa Troubleshooting Support.

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