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Amazon Alexa Customer Care Support – Facing a lot of hurdles in the entertainment due to Amazon Alexa? Setting Up Amazon Alexa become a headache now? Frustrated from the Amazon Alexa unwanted actions. Looking for the best Amazon Alexa Customer Care Support? So to provide you with peace of mind Alexa Echo Helps comes with Customer Care Support for Amazon Alexa and Echo Devices. We always work with the aim of providing the best resolution in less interval of time.

At, Alexa Echo Help family, we have the most talented, skilled and highly knowledgeable professionals. They are available 24/7 to provide you with the right assistance. With the full support, dedication and hard work of our associates today we have maximum customer satisfaction rate. Because of this only we count in the leading Amazon Alexa Customer Care Support. We also deal in the Alexa Echo Setup, Amazon Echo Plus, Alexa Dot Setup. and Amazon Tap Setup customer support.

So if you are looking for the Amazon Alexa Customer Support. Then you are in the right place. Alexa Echo Help is in your services 24/7 to provide you support regarding the Amazon Alexa related support and queries. Just you need to make a contact on +1 877-937-8077. Even you can drop us an email at info@alexa-echo-help.com to share your Amazon Alexa problems. For more ease of yours, our technical support expert are also available at live chat support on our official website alexa-echo-help.com.

Amazon Alexa Customer Care Support

Amazon Alexa Most Common Colours Indication

In an Amazon Echo, there are so many options and commands to choose from. Most first time there is no clue what the different colors mean. So there are 7 most common color reflects from Amazon Alexa Echo Device:

  • White: Volume change.
  • Blue: Power & listening.
  • Red: Disabled microphone.
  • Orange: Connecting to WiFi.
  • Yellow: New messageGreen: Incoming call.
  • Purple: Failed WiFi connection & Do Not Disturb mode.

Fix Blinking of Red, Yellow and Green Light in Amazon Echo

Amazon Alexa device demonstrates a diverse color ring grouping. A color ring is really a delivery person, which passes on different messages to its clients. The light ring will let us know whether it’s working legitimately, mode, any call or message caution or regardless of whether Amazon Alexa gadget is having an issue in following any given order.

  • A solid red color: Without any flashes or blinking that simply indicates that your microphones are disabled. There is a microphone button at the top of the speaker, push that button. This will make Alexa echo listen and follow commands. So there will be no more Alexa red ring light be showing up.

  • A yellow flashing color: It is a notification of a new message received in your inbox. So check the inbox from Alexa app on the mobile. In case you don’t want to be interrupted. So just simply ask Alexa to check and read out that message.

  • A Green flashing color light: This means there is an incoming call. The lights with blink until there is a call. So once the call receives or disconnects the call the green flashing light will stop showing up. The calling and messaging feature of Alexa allows to call or even text message to any of contacts. So this also empowers to receive the calls and messages from contacts.

The 4 Easy Solutions of Most Common Problems in Amazon Alexa

Somehow there might be any technical problem in the Amazon Alexa and we start looking for the Amazon Alexa Customer Support. But these common problems can be resolved by you also. Just will a little assistance.

Customer Care Support for Amazon Alexa

  1. Alexa Unable to Understand: Alexa does not understand. If it’s happening more than usual, try calibrating through the voice training tool. This can be found in Alexa app under Settings > Voice Training, which will activate the process. Dot and Echo will cycle through about 25 phrases that need to speak out loud. This allows Alexa to better recognize your voice and tone.

  2. Echo Keeps on Activating: If the Echo positioned near to TV, so this may activate the listening feature often. Fortunately, the wake word for the Dot or Echo to one of two other options can be changed. So just go to Settings > Your Echo > Change Wake Word. Select one of the other pre-defined options, which include “Amazon” and “Echo,” in addition to the usual “Alexa.”

  3. Wifi Connectivity Failure: This problem can happen due to a number of factors. If it’s white, that’s good and you’re connected, but if it’s orange, there’s no internet access. One of the first things tries to reboot the router. If still fails, try moving the Alexa closer to the wireless access point or router. It’s always best to place the device as high as possible off the ground. And at least eight feet away from walls.

  4. Fails to Connect with Bluetooth:  First, make sure the Dot and your wireless device are compatible. Then un-pair and again pair the device. So do to this go to Alexa app under Settings > Bluetooth > Clear All Paired Devices. After this again pair the device with Amazon Alexa.

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