How to Configure New Amazon Alexa Echo

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How to Configure New Amazon Alexa Echo – Congratulations to be the owner of New Amazon Alexa Echo Device. Now you can experience the best ever voice assistants for music, shopping, and smart home control etc. With just giving a voice command to the Alexa. To enjoy this all you just simply have to understand that How to Configure New Amazon Alexa Echo. So you can smoothly control the Alexa at your premises and get the information as per your need.

Configuring a New Amazon Alexa Echo or Used Amazon Alexa Echo is not a difficult task. But still, a little assistance of experts always proves beneficial, if we are unknown of the technology. Therefore to provide you with the best assistance regarding the Amazon Echo Setup Problem, we Alexa Echo Help are always here. Here from our expert technical associates your any queries related to Amazon Alexa Echo. Either it is How to Configure New Amazon Alexa Echo device or how to setup Amazon echo dot. We will answer all your Alexa Echo related queries.

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How to Configure New Amazon Alexa Echo

How to Setup Amazon Alexa Echo

Once unbox the Amazon Alexa Echo, expel the plastic security from the unit, at that point join the power link and fitting the power block into a divider attachment. You’ll see the LED hovering to finish everything and after a brief time, Alexa will instruct you to utilize the application to finish the setup. So in the event that you haven’t effectively done as such, introduce the Amazon Alexa application on your Android, iOS or Amazon tablet.

  1. Once the Amazon Alexa Echo is power up you will find the orange light defining configuration mode.
  2. Open the Wifi Settings in your smartphone Andriod, iOS or Amazon Tablet.
  3. Amazon Echo requires a direct connect during the configuration process.
  4. You will find the name something like “Amazon-0xo” or some other number and letter combination, just tap on and connect to it.
  5. After this procedure opens the Alexa App in your smartphone.
  6. Select which type of Echo device you are setting up.
  7. If someone has gifted you the Amazon Alexa Echo Device then you will see “HIS NAME’s ECHO” or if you purchased personally from your Amazon Account then “YOUR NAME’s ECHO”.
  8. If the Amazon Alexa Echo is gifted, then Tap “+” button at the top right to set up a new device. Tap “Add Device” to confirm
  9. As once your Alexa Echo get connects with your App. Just type your Amazon Account Login Credentials and agree on the Alexa User Terms and Conditions.
  10. So now you are ready to use and enjoy the most advanced voice command assistant.

The Most Common Errors Code in Amazon Alexa Echo

Amazon Alexa Echo is a smart device but in the end it an electronic gadget only. Therefore sometimes it faces some kind of minor Errors which makes a lot of frustrations. The most common error codes in Amazon Echo are:

  • Amazon Echo Error 7:3:0:0:1- Due to this error, the Alexa won’t connect to Wi-Fi. They can be seen as any of these as well:
    • Alexa Error,
    • Amazon Echo Error Codes,
    • Amazon Echo troubleshooting,
    • Echo Wi-Fi Connectivity Issue,
    • Smart Speakers,
    • Wi-Fi Troubleshooting.
  • Error Code 12:1:1:107:22:1- If the Amazon Alexa Echo is registered with previous owner account details you find this kind of error.
  • Error Code 6:1:103:10:3- This error code means that the Wireless network password entered during the initial configuration of Alexa Echo was incorrect.
  • Echo Error Code 10:2:5:60:1- Echo device that is a GIFT-> gives trouble while setting up and registering the device. For Used/Refurbished Amazon Echo device, might see Amazon Echo registration error 10:2:12:3:1
  • Amazon Echo Error Code 7:3:4:0:1- Amazon Alexa Echo Device fails to discover smart home devices.

10 New Features in Amazon Alexa Echo Device

Amazon Tap, Echo Spot, and Echo Show. However it’s Alexa, the brains behind the machine, that powers your music, smart home, alarms/timers, and so much more.

  • 7 Software Updates in Alexa
  • Alexa FreeTime for Kids
  • Voice Calling & Messaging
  • Multi-Room Music & Audio
  • Apple Music & Spotify Premium
  • Alexa App with 30,000+ Echo Skills
  • Amazon Prime Music
  • Multiple Alarms and Timers
  • Smart Home Control
  • Smart TV Controller in built-in Alexa

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