How to Use Alexa to Make and Receive Skype Calls?

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How to Use Alexa to Make and Receive Skype Calls?- Now, Microsoft has finally introduced this support, and users of Alexa compatible devices. Such as the Amazon Echo range can now call the voice assistant via Skype with a simple voice command. In addition to making Skype audio and video calls. Alexa has also introduced the ability to call most landlines and mobile numbers via Skype to the phone internationally. So let us check out the way of How to Use Alexa to Make and Receive Skype Calls?

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How to Use Alexa to Make and Receive Skype Calls?

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Alexa Devices Compatible with Skype for Calls

Before proceeding further. It’s good to check the device compatibility. As it will help you know better regarding the Alexa device offered by Amazon to connect with Skype. The following are the Alexa devices which support Skype to make receive calls:

  • Amazon Echo 1st Gen
  • Amazon Echo 2nd Gen
  • Amazon Echo Plus 1st Gen
  • Amazon Echo Plus 2nd Gen
  • Amazon Dot 2nd Gen
  • Amazon Dot 3rd Gen
  • Amazon Show 1st Gen
  • Amazon Show 2nd Gen
  • Amazon Echo Spot

How to Use Alexa to Make and Receive Skype Calls

Users can only throw voice commands such as’ Alexa, call mom on Skype’ or’ Alexa, pick up’ to make or receive calls via Skype when you set up Skype on a compatible Alexa device. Obviously, video calls only work with Echo Show and Echo Spot devices because they only have a display screen. First of all, ensure that you have a Skype account and that you have the Alexa app installed and set up with your Alexa compatible device.

  1. Go to Amazon Alexa Application on your smartphone
  2. Visit Settings >>> Communication >>> Link your Skype Accounts
  3. Sign up using your Microsoft account login details that you use in your Skype.

Now simply ask Amazon Alexa to call any of your Skype contacts. If your known ones are not in the Skype contact list, then you can just read out their contact or phone number. Alexa will automatically connect you with your loved ones.

Countries where Alexa Skype Calling Feature will Works

Calling on Alexa via Skype is currently available in the following countries. But not to worry the Mircosoft have announced that for other regions also it will available soon. Currently, the following countries can take benefit for Skype calling on Alexa.

  • United States of America
  • United Kingdom
  • Ireland
  • Canada
  • India
  • Australia
  • New Zealand

The Major Highlights of Skype Calling On Alexa

The advancement of calling to mobiles and landlines are currently available in 34 nations only USA, Canada, China, India (international calling only), UK, Poland, Bangladesh, Portugal, Nigeria, Argentina, Spain, Slovakia (Slovak Republic), New Zealand, Taiwan, Vietnam, Philippines, Switzerland, South Korea,Indonesia, Germany, Russian Federation, Thailand, Italy, Brazil, Australia, Mexico, France, Japan, Colombia,  Denmark, Austria, Ireland, Singapore, and Greece.

  • Skype offers 200 free minutes of Skype calling via Alexa.
  • Microsoft has launched Skype call support on Alexa devices.
  • It also allows Alexa to call the majority of landlines and mobile numbers.

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Amazing Facts about Skype | Alexa Echo Help

Skype is an amazing software use in texting someone, helps in communicating with our knowns from both voice and video. There are some cool facts about Skype.

  • 300 million people use Skype monthly.
  • 2 trillion minutes Skype video calls are used.
  • 3 billion minutes per day users spend on Skype.
  • Daily there are 4.9 million users are active on Skype.
  • 1 billion times the Skype Mobile app has been downloaded.

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