How to Customize Your Echo’s Show Home Screen

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How to Customize Your Echo’s Show Home Screen – We, Alexa Echo Help welcomes you to our latest blog section. Here in our blog section, you will find the complete information regarding latest updates, troubleshooting guides and much more related to Amazon Alexa devices. We are the leading technical support expert for Amazon Alexa Echo devices. In this particular blog, we will try to resolve all your queries for How to Customize Your Echo’s Show Home Screen.

Customization is the only way by which anyone can adjust the things as per this requirements and needs in daily life No one like those things which cant perform or can get customize as our know wish. Therefore the Amazon has provided the option for customization in Echo’s  Show Home Screen. But some of us are not quite aware of technology. So not to worry now more regarding this. Here you will find the best solution regarding How to Customize Your Echo’s Show Home Screen.

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How to Customize Your Echo's Show Home Screen

What is Amazon Echo’s Show | Alexa Echo Help

The Echo Show is a smart speaker with Amazon’s 7-inch touchscreen featuring Alexa, the company’s AI assistant. In contrast to most smart speaker designs, which are audio- only and driven by voice recognition, the Echo Show has a display and supports audio and touchscreen input for Amazon’s AI assistant service. The touchscreen essentially makes the speaker a general purpose computer with advanced speech recognition capabilities. The Echo Show includes:

  • 2GB of RAM
  • Intel Atom x5-Z8350
  • A 21-watt sound system
  • 8GB of embedded flash memory
  • 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.1
  • An integrated video camera with a microphone

The device raised concerns about privacy because its integrated camera, microphone, voice recognition, and continuous connectivity make it easy to collect audio data from its environment. The show has an external button to deactivate the intrusive devices for the sake of times when users want to guarantee privacy.

How to Customize Echo’s Show Home Screen

The Echo Show is the only home screen Amazon Echo product. If you don’t use it, the show proposes voice commands, shows your events and even brings you current events.

  • To customize the home screen of your Echo Show, switch down from the top of the screen and tap Settings.
  • Tap Home Screen to the top of the list.

You can customize your home screen here in two ways. Let’s start with Background first. Tap this and you’ll see three background options for your home screen:

  • Default: This option pulls pictures from the photo library of Amazon. This is the option that your Echo Show uses from the box, so you have to select it already.
  • Alexa App Photo: This will allow you to upload your own Echo Show photograph. It shows only one picture instead of cycling through several. You must use the Alexa app that controls your device to set this up.
  • Prime Photos: If you use Amazon Prime Photos to store your photos, you can select one of the background albums on your account. Your echo show then cycles through every picture on the album.

How to Change the Home Screen of Echo Show and Echo Spot

It is usually straightforward to customize the appearance of the home screen in the Echo Show or Spot.

  • Switch off the top of the screen and select Settings.
  • Download and select Home & Clock.
  • Choose Clock.
  • Choose from Recent Clocks, Modern, Playful, Classical and Personal.

How to change what appears on your home screen Echo Show or Spot

Your Echo Show or Echo Spot can, of course, provide more information than just the time. This information is called home cards.

  • To select which cards you see on your home screen
  • Switch off the home screen again and select Settings
  • Tap to Home & Clock >>> Home Cards.

These Home Cards displayed on the screen:

  • Events
  • Drop In
  • Recalling
  • Messaging
  • Trending Themes
  • Weather Notifications

In this same menu, choose whether the cards are showing continuously while only periodically showing you the clock or rotated through once when new information is available. If you have an Echo Show or an Echo Spot on your bedside, you probably don’t want it to show all this information at night. Allow night mode instead of manually lowering the brightness when you get in bed. Go to Settings > Home & Clock > Night Mode to access this setting. Tap Nighttime Clock enabled.

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