How to Factory Reset the Amazon Echo Dot?

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How to Factory Reset the Amazon Echo Dot?- Welcome to the new blog section of Alexa Echo Help. Here you will find the complete latest news, updates, and features introduced in the Amazon Echo Dot. Today in this particular blog we will discuss regarding the problem in that mostly occurs in Amazon Echo Dot. That can just easily just resolve through resetting the Echo dot device. But somehow some of us don’t aware of How to Factory Reset the Amazon Echo Dot?

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How to Factory Reset the Amazon Echo Dot?

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How to Factory Reset the Amazon Echo Dot | Alexa Echo Help

The Amazon Echo Dot is an accomplished and impressive piece of technology, but it is obviously not infallible and can sometimes have problems. There are many tried and tested fixes for the most common problems, but sometimes nothing works, and in these desperate circumstances you may have no choice but to use the fearful factory reset to solve the problem and do everything works again. However, don’t worry, the factory reset is actually quite easy to accomplish. Here you will find how to factory reset your Amazon Echo Dot in this tutorial.

The Amazon Echo and the Echo Dot first generation are using the same reset process. It takes a second, but it returns the device to the stock and it acts like it did when it was unboxed first.

  • Ensure that your Echo Dot Device is connected to an electric outlet.
  • Turn Amazon Echo Dot upside down and find the switch for reset. It’ll be a little hole.
  • Use a paper clip or a safety pin to press the reset switch and hold it until the light ring becomes orange and then blue.
  • Let the Reset switch go and the Amazon Echo Dot device restarts. You should see orange flash when entering setup mode.
  • Use the Alexa app to connect the Amazon Echo Dot device to your Wi-Fi and set it up like you did the first time you got it.

How to Reset Amazon Echo 2nd Generation

The Amazon Echo 2nd Generation slightly changed things by removing the fiddly mounted reset button. Instead, you use the overhead controls to reset the factory.

  • Ensure that your Amazon Echo Dot Generation 2nd is connected to a power outlet.
  • Press the microphone and hold down the volume buttons until the light ring becomes orange and then blue.
  • Let go of the buttons to reset the Amazon Echo Dot. The orange light will visible which means to setup mode.
  • Use the Alexa app to connect your Amazon Echo Dot device to and set up your Wi-Fi.

Factory Reset Echo Dot 3rd Generation | Alexa Echo Help

On Amazon Echo Dot Device Third Generation devices, look for the Action button.

  • Press and hold the “Action” button nearly just about 20-25 seconds.
  • The light turns orange and then blue Wait for the light to be turned OFF and ON again.
  • You’ll see an Orange color ring indicating that it’s in setup mode.

The Easiest Way to Setup Echo Dot after Factory Reset

  • Install Alexa Application in your smartphone and power up your Echo Dot device.
  • Once your Echo is connected to the mains, you will have to wait for it to initialize for a few seconds. For a few moments, his light ring turns blue, then switches to orange and then plays a short audio greeting. The Amazon Echo is ready for the final set- up the step at this point.
  • Open the Alexa app you downloaded before in your smartphone i.e. iOS or Andriod.
  • Select the Set up a new device option to start with the Wi-Fi Connection.
  • To continue the setup process, select ‘Connect to Wi-Fi’ from the next page and connect: first, the instructions ask you to check that the device currently displays an orange ring.
  • Visit Wi-Fi settings.
  • Then select from the access point list the Amazon Echo device.
  • The name of the Echo should start with the word “Amazon.” Go back to the Alexa app once it get connects.
  • Enter the Wi-Fi Credentials and Tap on Connect. Your device is ready to use.

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