How to Play iTunes Audiobooks on Amazon Echo?

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How to Play iTunes Audiobooks on Amazon Echo?- Echo is a smart wireless speaker brand of Amazon. It has a built-in virtual assistant called Alexa. With the help of Echo, you can play music from your smartphones, search over the internet, make and receive calls, news updates and weather report and many more. You can play audible on Alexa from iTunes also. It is one of the most interesting features of the Amazon Echo. Here you will find complete assistance for How to Play iTunes Audiobooks on Amazon Echo.

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How to Play iTunes Audiobooks on Amazon Echo?

How to Use Amazon Echo to Play iTunes Audiobooks?

Audible audiobooks can be played via Amazon Echo and audiobooks can be controlled directly with a personal voice, which is as easy as logging into the Echo device with an Amazon account linked to the audio. But how to listen to iTunes audiobooks on Echo?

Echo can work well with Amazon’s own audio books and music files as a wonderful sound speaker. Though when it comes to having iTunes audio books on Amazon Echo, that seems to be a little different than playing Audible directories on Amazon Echo, but since the Echo speaker does not have an iTunes app. You really can play iTunes audio files with your phone to Echo using Bluetooth pairing or synchronize iTunes audiobooks to the Amazon music library so that Echo can start playing them.

How to Pair Amazon Echo with Bluetooth Devices

Echo is a Bluetooth speaker which you can easily connect with your phone or tablet to it via Bluetooth. You can also stream audiobooks bought from iPhone or iPad from iTunes with the help of using Amazon Echo Bluetooth connectivity.

Ensure you are within your Amazon Echo normal range and say, “Alexa, pair.” You must receive an audible acknowledgment that your own device is in Bluetooth pairing mode. Now Go to Settings -> Tap Bluetooth option on your iPhone, iPad.

Scroll down to certain other Devices and the Echo wireless device will be seen. Alexa will easily detect your device and inform you to select Echo from the combining with Bluetooth. Once your device has been paired, open your iTunes and select the audiobooks then you are ready to play. You can now play iTunes audiobooks fluidly via Bluetooth in your Amazon Echo.

Commands to Play Audiobooks of iTunes on Amazon Alexa Echo

Tasks Commands
To Listen to any Audiobook “Speak the title”

“Spell out the book title.”

“Mention the audiobook, [title].”

Audiobook Pause “Pause.”
Continue to listen to the most recent audiobook “Resume my book.”
30 Seconds Go back or forward in the audiobook 

“Go back.”

“Go forward.”

Visit the next or previous chapter

“Next chapter.”

“Previous chapter.”

Move to a specific chapter “Go to chapter [#].” ‘#chapter number’
Chapter Restart “Restart.”
Setup sleep timer

“Set a sleep timer for [abc] minutes/hours.”

“Stop reading the book in [abc] minutes/hours.”

“Cancel sleep timer.”

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