How to set up Alexa Echo Dot first time?

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Let’s discuss with you how to download the Amazon Alexa app, and connect Wi-Fi to set up of echo dot and Amazon Alexa setup. After reading this blog you will know about Alexa Echo Dot Setup and other Alexa devices.

  1. Download Alexa App and Sign in Your Amazon Account

When you are about the process of Alexa Setup then make you have a good internet connection. It is very easy to download the Alexa App after following some easy steps. You just go on to the play store and search about Amazon Alexa App then click on install it. It is available in three operating systems –

Fire OS 3.0 or higher

Android 4.4 or higher

iOS 8.0 or higher

Even you can download the Alexa from Web Browser of a computer, Laptop or Mobile. For more Information just click on the Alexa Echo Help.

2. Turn on Amazon Echo Dot

Make sure that the Echo Dot Device is placed in a middle location and surround free space from all four-sided for work to its best capacity. This device needs a minimum of 20cms space available around on that device.

Now, time to plug in the Echo Dot Device to the power adapter and charger throughout the process. Now you can turn on the Amazon Echo Dot by pressing the home button and now wait for the blue light to turn orange. Alexa will start welcoming you.

3. Connect Echo Dot to Wi-Fi

If once Amazon Echo Dot is done and it is turned on. You will get clear instructions on how to set up the available Wi-Fi connection.



These instructions, you can understand and follow very easily. After all, that, if you have any issue then you can contact the helpline of Amazon Alexa Setup.

4. Ask Alexa

The Setup of Amazon Alexa is now done and it is ready to use. Now just say to her “Alexa” to that device will give you an answer and get started.

Alexa” name is set by default. If you want to change the name or replace it then you can go to the setting and you can change the default name, whatever you want.

5. Connect Echo Dot to Speaker

You can also connect the Echo Dot Device to your speaker.  Here is also an option to connect your inbuilt device to your speaker, if your speaker is more powerful than the inbuilt speaker. But, the inbuilt speaker is also powerful. You can connect an external speaker via Bluetooth devices or audio cables provided.

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