Uses of Alexa Echo

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uses of alexa

Do you want to know everything about Alexa? If you said “Yes” then today I’ll teach you all about Amazon Alexa Echo, how to use it and it’s setup.

If you are the owner of Amazon Alexa Echo speaker then congratulations because Alexa is one of the best voice assistants. Setting up your Alexa speaker for listening to music, shopping and control your smart home by just your voice. The process of Alexa is so simple; you can ask questions or command to a digital assistant then Alexa will get you the information that you needed and you can also ask him what Alexa can do.

What is Amazon Alexa? What does it do?

This Amazon Alexa Echo speaker is very popular all over the world and most people choosing this voice assistant.

Here’s are the example you can do with your Alexa –

• Play music
• You can stream music from Amazon, Spotify or any other from music services
• Set alarms and timers
• Ask web-based questions
• Control your smart home just with your voice
• Play Games
• Make calls via your voice and without touching your device

Most of Alexa users using their Amazon Echo smart speaker to listen to radio stations, stream music from any other music station such as Amazon Music, Spotify or any other music stations, setting alarms and timers, control your whole home via voice including smart lights, connected thermostats, and appliance. Alexa can also tell you if you ask her about weather reports, news, sports score and more. It is a very versatile system. Alexa is always to try to learn to find new features and upgrade herself. Alexa calling feature and Drop feature is a great way to stay in touch with those in your home. The Amazon Echo show and spot, with the help of their displays, can show the security cameras and you can check on the screen who at the door. Newly feature has arrived on Amazon “cooking functionality”. It will not make your food but it can help you to make the food to tell you, how to make it, such as “Alexa, defrost three pounds of chicken” or “Alexa, microwave for 50 seconds on low”.

Amazon Alexa Echo Speakers

Amazon Echo (Second Generation)

The Amazon Echo is for $99.99 and it is available in the second generation also. It comes in the shrunk-down design and features a speaker and microphone built in. This new Amazon Echo has a 2.5-inch woofer speaker inbuilt and also has mesh cover. It is a second generation and far-field technology that’s why she can hear your voice in a noisy environment.

Amazon Echo (Third Generation)

The Amazon Echo is for $49.99, it is available in the third generation and it comes with wild back in 2016. It also comes with a new design and it’s so familiar with your home. It has a new driver which helps it to make sound louder 70%.

Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition

The Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition is for $7.99 and it is the standard budget smart speaker in a range of funky, rubberized colors. Although, if you pay more $30 premium get you the more Jazzy design. You can activate the parental control while your children are using it and you can decide what children should watch it.

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