Amazon Echo Hidden Secrets You Need to Know

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If you have the Amazon Echo device then we are sure that you love to enjoy exploring and find new things. If your craving is still on then here we are giving some hidden secrets of Alexa that you would love to explore. We hope you will love them. In case you don’t have an app to try the tricks feel free to use the Alexa Web App. Now coming back to the topic here are the secrets.

Change Alexa Wake Word to the Custom

You all are aware of the fact that you need to say ‘Alexa’ word to active your Echo device. It is a wake word. Now, what if we tell you that you can custom it? Yes, you read it right. Though you can’t set it to anything. It comes with some set of words that you can try. Alternatively, you would also love to give a try if someone in your home has a name Alexis or something similar.
First, you need to open the app and select your device to choose your device. Go to Wake Word option and pick the wake word from “Amazon,” “Echo,” “Alexa,” or “Computer.” Apart from this if you want the Alexa to call your name differently then go to the communicate option in the Alexa app. Next under my profile and settings option change your name.

Set Multiple Profiles for Everyone in Home

If your all family members have different Amazon accounts then you will be glad to know that you can have a separate profile for each person in your home. All you need to do is open the Alexa app go to Settings then Account Settings, and then Amazon Household. Here you need to follow the on-screen instructions.
Having multiple accounts have its benefits for instance you can seamlessly share movies and music. Moreover, you can collaborate on to-do lists, calendars, and shopping lists.
Just in case you want to know whose account is currently active then simply ask ‘Alexa, which profile am I using?’ If your Profile isn’t active then give the next command ‘Alexa, switch profile.’ Simple, isn’t?
If you are worried about others music choice then don’t worry Alexa recognize your voice and play songs that you want to listen or in other words, it will automatically pick your playlist.

Get Personalized Experience

Earlier you have to manually add a new skill. Thanks to the new update that lets you add a new skill just with a voice command.
If you’d like to take a history quiz then you can simply say “Alexa, open the Ultimate HISTORY Quiz”, “Alexa, launch the Ultimate HISTORY Quiz”, or “Alexa, start the Ultimate HISTORY Quiz”.
If you want to add custom skills then you can do it using Alexa Skills Blueprints. You can perform tasks like play game shows, leave directions for your babysitter or pet sitter, or create your own quizzes. If you want to specifically create skills and earn some recognition then submit it to store.
Just in case you are unable to perform any of the above tricks because you are not able to access page or other problem then feel free to visit alexa-echo-help.com or simply call at the toll-free number +1 877-937-8077. If you have any further questions then let us know your concerns in the below comment box.

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