Download the Alexa App

Download the Alexa App, a voice control system launched by the Giant Marketplace Amazon. It allows you to share your thoughts with smart Echo speakers (Voice enabled speakers) and you can see them getting fulfilled your order such a play on your favorite music, handled your smart home devices and much more fun.

Alexa app is the cloud-based application and real companion to your Alexa device like Echo, Tap or Dot etc. By using it, you can listen your favorite music, news, weather updates and more. Just you need to connect your Smart home devices and Alexa devices WiFi connection with Alexa Account and you are all set to make a great fun with it.

Download the Alexa app

: – How to Download the Alexa App for Windows?

You can easily Download Alexa app for Windows 10 Pc. In order to do that you need to have licensed windows 10 pc and Valid Amazon Account. Alexa for pc works for selected PC or laptop models only.

Alexa App Setup

If you don’t have Alexa for PC preinstalled, then you need to set that up, open the start menu and in the search bar type Amazon Alexa.

Then log in to your Amazon account and complete the Alexa app setup.

If you are not able to find out or Download Alexa app on the Pc or you don’t have windows 10 PC then you can also set it up through your favorite internet browser.

Go to your internet browser and in the address bar and log on to your amazon.alexa setup account.

Once you are logged in to it then select your Alexa device if it is Echo, Tap or Dot.

Wait for the orange ring to come and then go to the Wi-Fi setting on pc and select the option AMAZON-XXX

Once your device is connected go to your Amazon Alexa device settings and connect your device to your Wi-Fi.

Your device is set up and ready for use.

Download Alexa app for windows

: – How to Download the Alexa App for Android Devices?

Alexa application is the companion to your Amazon Echo, Alexa dot, Alexa Tap and show for set up your smart home devices and their enhanced features.

In order to download it you just need to use your Google play store. Please make sure that you’re Android or smart device is connected to Wi-Fi or your mobile Data option in phone settings is ON. You can open your Google play store on your smart or android device and in search bar type Amazon Alexa. It will pull up the option for it. Now you need to log in to your Amazon Alexa account and complete the Alexa set up for smartphones.

Download Alexa app for androids

: – How to Download Alexa App for Mac Devices?

You can easily download Alexa app on iPhone, iPad and iPad pouch, or your Mac book.

  1. Please make sure your iPhone mobile data is on, or your iPad Macbook connected to Wi-Fi.
  2. Go to the app store and search for Amazon Alexa app in there.
  3. Click on the Alexa icon, It will ask you to log in with your Amazon Alexa account.
  4. Follow the instructions to setup the Alexa devices
  5. From the account settings, you can also manage smart home devices on the go.

Alexa Most Common Issues:

: – Amazon Alexa App not Working

If you are unable to open your Alexa or Amazon Alexa app not working then you can use some of the following solutions:

  • Check the compatibility access.
  • Android version should be 5.0 or higher
  • iOS should be 9.0 or higher
  • The desktop browser should be alexa.amazon.com
  • You can also try Force closing the App.
  • Restart your phone or device.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the application.

Uninstalling the app and reinstalling will disable the previously saved permissions. You will have to revisit each feature and re-enable any relevant permission. For more read this post now!

: – Alexa and Echo Activation Issues

Amazon Alexa undoubtedly an amazing device. It can integrate with almost all the third-party applications and is capable of managing your Amazon account too. You can set alarms, timers, read your calendar details, play music and read the news flash if you ask it to.

  • The issue that users face with it is can be connecting to the Wi-Fi or intermediate Wi-Fi.
  • Not able to add skills to the Alexa application account.
  • Not able to set up the device
  • Orange light issues.
  • Not able to download correct Applications.

Getting Error While Alexa App Setup!

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: – WiFi connectivity Issues with Alexa

Echo connected to Wi-Fi indicated by power LED on the Bottom rear of the device, with white meaning good and orange means no Wi-Fi connectivity. If you experience the connectivity issue here is what you need to do. Restart your internet router and turn your echo off and on.

If you still have the same issue then please check if your other devices connected to the echo are working well, try to reposition your Alexa device. Try to remove the unused devices from your network to reduce the congestion on your network.

If it is dual band modem then try switching your Alexa device from 2.4 GHz to 5 GHz. Try to put out Alexa to higher ground position to reduce signal interference.

: – Bluetooth Connection is not working.

Alexa Echo supports the advanced audio distribution profile, so please make sure that your Bluetooth devices match up. Please make sure the battery of your Bluetooth device charged up or it connected to the power cable.

If you still face the problem then try to un-pair and then re-pair the device with Alexa.

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