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Download the Alexa App

Download the Alexa App

Amazon Alexa Setup

Amazon Alexa Setup

Amazon Alexa New Skills

Amazon Alexa New Skills

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All the Devices which can be operated Via Virtual Intelligence can be accessed through Alexa.

For Alexa Setup you need to have Alexa app either on your Smartphone or on Tablet.

Alexa app can be used by downloading from your GOOGLE PLAYSTORE in Android Devices and through App Store in APPLE DEVICES.

Your Smartphone or Tablet on which you Download Alexa app should be on the same Wi-Fi on which you are connecting Alexa Device.

You can also do the Alexa App setup by logging in to your Amazon Alexa Account on your Windows PC or Mac Computer.

Following are the option which you can type on your device to install the Alexa app

  • Alexa App for PC
  • Alexa APP for Mac
  • Alexa App for iPhone
  • Alexa App for Windows
  • Alexa App for Android
Download Alexa App

Steps to Setup Alexa

Following are the steps to set up Alexa.

  1. Download Alexa App to your Smartphone or Tablet by using the following Link
  2. Log into your Amazon account.
  3. Go to the set up a new device
  4. Select your Device
  5. Wait till the Orange Ring comes.
  6. Go to your Device Wi-Fi Settings And select option AMAZON-XXX
  7. Go to the Alexa App an select your Wi-Fi name and Enter password.

Your Alexa is ready to go.

Alexa App Setup

Getting issue while Download Alexa Setup for Windows?

Our Experts are 24*7 online and will help you to go. You can chat with the technical experts on the left sidebar or Call us at

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Alexa App Setup on PC, Phone and Mac Device

If you want to setup Alexa on your Mac or Windows PC, Then you can open any browser like GOOGLE CHROME, FIREFOX, INTERNET EXPLORER, MICROSOFT EDGE, for windows Computer or SAFARI or your Mac Book.

You can also get Alexa app on Google Playstore, iTunes or Amazon store as well.

To setup Alexa App, Open from your Browser and log in to your Amazon Alexa account.

Select your device then language and begin the Setup your Alexa.

You must have a Compatible Device for Alexa Setup.

IF Using Android phone then It should be “Android %.0 or UP Version”

If you are installing app on iPhone or iPad then your iOS should be 9.0 or above Version”

For Kindle device “Fire OS 3.0 or above Version”

Download Alexa App for Windows PC Operating System Should be Windows 7, 8, 10 and having latest Browsers.

Download Alexa App for Windows

How to Use the Amazon Alexa App

Basic Commands for Alexa App

If you are going to talk with your new Alexa device, there are some of the basic commands for beginner to control and setup Amazon Alexa.

You can get started with some simple commands for Alexa E.G “ALEXA PLAY THE SONG “LEAN ON” by MAJOR LAZER”.

Please say “ALEXA WAKE UP” and give the command. Your Device will respond to your commands.

If you have Alexa skills, you can add custom Alexa commands by adding in your Alexa App setting.

You can also change the Wake-up word to Just Alexa by going to your Alexa App Account Settings

Alexa.Amazon Setup

Facing problem in Download the Alexa APP

Using the following steps on your phone or computer anybody can DOWNLOAD ALEXA APP and add diffrent skills on it.

However, If the problem still persistes and your Amazon Alexa App not working, then it might be becouse of the following Reasons

  • Alexa is not able to detect your smart Devices
  • Alexa is not able to understand you
  • Amazon Alexa registration Error 12:1:107:22:1
  • Alexa Unable to connect to Wifi
  • Incomplete Amazon Alexa Setup
  • setup Error 7:1:10:12:2.

You can set up your Alexa via Download Alexa App on your Phone, Tablet, Computer, Mac or IOS device. Login to your Alexa account and choose the options given there.

If you are facing issue with the Alexa App setup you can also Setup Alexa Account by going on or contact our technical experts at live chat support.Call us at +1 609-232-2932

Download the Alexa App

Most Common Issues of Amazon Alexa Setup:

  • Alexa having trouble playing music
  • How do I connect Alexa to Wi-Fi
  • Alexa won’t connect to other devices
  • Alexa won’t connect to my Bluetooth devices
  • Streaming Issues on Alexa Devices
  • Alexa App not responding
  • How to make phone calls through Alexa
  • Alexa account setup
  • How to make vedio call through Alexa to Alexa
  • How to connect Alexa with your Smart Phone
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